The Cappa

Delightful customer experiences at The Cloyster Resort and Spa
We sell experience at The Cloyster Resort and Spa in Jim Corbett. Our consistent glowing reviews across premier platforms like and Google are a testament to our belief that service is a habit. Approx. 20% of our guests are repeat/referred customers -- an evidence of the remarkable impact our services leave on them.

Affordable Luxury
Experience luxury without burning your pocket at our resort. Enjoy Ultra spacious rooms, indoor/outdoor sports, a large lawn, a infinite swimming pool, and a relaxing Spa, Sauna and steam bath at one of the most luxurious resorts near corbett at affordable prices.


Experienced and charged unit
Led by a hospitality veteran with 35 years of experience, we believe in the power of a happy and energetic team to ensure our guests’ smiles. We sell experience

Natural bliss with convenience
Located just under 7 km from Ramnagar railway station our resort is conveniently located in Sitabani zone of Corbett National park. Enjoy a 5 km drive through majestic forest to reach the property and rejuvenate your senses with rhythmic sound of river, bird songs, wild calls and more. We are also a popular choice for someone seeking one of the best places to stay near Nainital@1.3 hour drive.

Bonding with diversity
With a capability to serve diverse range of guests, including couples, families, corporates, and those celebrating weddings, we seamlessly blend luxurious accommodations and versatile amenities to provide a tailored experience to everyone.

Learn Implement and evolve
Constant learning and implementation of the best practices from the industry differentiates us from the rest and helps us evolve consistently. It enables us to curate renewed enriching experiences every time and some of them might surprise you as well.

Wild sightings on the way
Get ready to surprise yourself with some wild encounters primarily deer, antelopes and rare birds on the way to the resort for its location in the middle of the lush green forest.

  1. Educational Opportunities: The resort’s commitment to sustainability isn’t just for show—it’s an integral part of the guest experience. Visitors can learn about eco-friendly practices firsthand and gain inspiration for adopting similar habits in their own lives.

  2. Community Impact: By choosing The Cloyster Resort and Spa, guests support a business that prioritizes environmental stewardship and community engagement. The resort likely contributes to local conservation efforts and provides employment opportunities for residents of the region.

  3. Overall, The Cloyster Resort and Spa in Jim Corbett offers a unique blend of luxury, sustainability, and natural beauty, making it an ideal choice for travelers seeking a truly memorable and responsible getaway.

Our Vision

To work tirelessly for an enhanced focus on customer retention more than their acquisition as an integral part of hospitality culture for resorts industry.

Our Mission

We aspire to learn, innovate, and implement to craft experiences that resonate for everlasting relationships with our guests by understanding their desires, preferences, and expectations.

Our Values

We believe in transparency, ethics and integrity. Customer delight is our ultimate priority.